fitLight America presents the fitLight Trainer™

Advanced Wireless Motion and Impact Training System

FitLightThe fitLight Trainer™ is a flexible wireless training system that can be adapted and configured for all sports, with the goal of improving hand/eye cordination, strength and conditioning, and controlled
rehabilitation from injuries.

With the fitLight Trainer™ you can design any training profile/routine you require, regardless if the focus is on speed, strength, the ability to concentrate and react, or vision training.

Football PlayerThe lights can be deactivated by use of the athletes’ hands, feet, head, and racquets or by any other sport specific means. The lights can be programmed to be deactivated by full contact or proximity sensing whereby the system is able to record time for any athletic training function.

The system is extremely easy to set up and use, and training routines can be preprogrammed into the controller or easily developed on site at the training facility.

FitLight Trainer in ActionThe lights can be mounted on walls, floors or any apparatus that is used during your training sessions to enhance the training and conditioning of the athletes. Additionally the lights can be mounted whereby they simulate real sport specific situations, such as on tennis nets, squash courts, nets for volleyball or goal nets for, hockey, soccer etc.